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Welcome to our new office!

Exciting news - GrailForge has a new office!

A high-level map of the office location

It doesn’t look like much from the outside but that’s OK. It’s a workplace, not a showroom.

To celebrate this milestone, we’ll be hosting a special “Halloween Housewarming” event for the office on Saturday 30th October 2021.

Starting at 1800, we will provide finger food, drinks, and entertainment. Yes, we will be showing off some of our internal projects. There will be nothing to ‘buy’. We simply hope to formally announce our arrival in Stockholm and maybe inspire you with some of the cool things we’re working on outside of our client work.

There will be a Halloween quiz at 1900 sharp showing off our CapyQuiz platform, with prizes for the quiz winner as well as for the best dressed on the night.

Registration is free but mandatory in advance. Since there will be alcohol available, the event is age-restricted to 18+.


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