This isn't the greatest web site in the world.

This is just a tribute placeholder.

Welcome to our temporary online home! If you're reading this you're probably wondering - "Who are GrailForge?" - well the back story will come in good time but for now here are a few short points on the current stage of our journey.

  • We are a small team of highly motivated, experienced and talented professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for quality.
  • Our existing network extends across Australia, Estonia and the United Kingdom.
  • Software engineering, industrial design and project management are our second (or third etc) languages.
  • GrailForge was formed in 2020 as a restructuring of several of these overlapping commercial interests with the purpose of establishing a joint presence in the European Union.
  • We legally incorporated in Sweden in March 2021 where we will be headquartered for the foreseeable future.
  • "Meritocracy" is not a dirty word - we are unpologetic in our pursuit of excellence.

There isn't much to see here while we're settling in. We are essentially soft-launched while we focus on getting the foundational elements in place. We are not taking on any new clients at this time nor actively promoting our services until then.


GrailForge Systems

Software engineering consultancy focused on delivering results, not on marketing and billable hours. If you can dream it, we can build it.*

GrailForge Studio

Even if you can't fully dream it, we can help you to design it. Innovative visual and audio solutions covering the entire creative spectrum.

GrailForge Live

Experiences designed from the ground up around sharing equal parts joy, knowledge and inspiration.

* Laws of physics still apply.