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Relaunching in 2024

One of the major goals for GrailForge has always been to expand beyond Sweden.

Throughout 2023 there was a lot of planning, exploration and preparation for the next stage of GrailForge’s evolution with a particular focus on international restructuring. Much of that is still ongoing and likely won’t come to full fruition until 2025.

In the meantime, we will be resuming operations in Sweden next year with a stronger focus on software engineering. That’s not to say that our internal projects have been abandoned at all - development of several of these remains steadily ongoing but there is no rush to launch. The main priority is getting the consulting operations back up to full steam and completing the work around restructuring.

One of the original goals for GrailForge was to contribute to the broader tech ecosystem in tangible ways. It’s a goal which we completely failed to live up to so far. We are working out the fine details but the general idea in 2024 is to kick this off by sponsoring:

  • contributions to smaller open-source projects which are normally overlooked
  • dedicated time for offering free mentorship through platforms like Excercism

Lastly, we will be further distinguishing the relaunched GrailForge with a new website. The current design services its basic purpose for now so it’s not a high priority but expect to see a fresh look in the months ahead.


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