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Introducing: ModelGPT

On 1st April 2024, GrailForge launched the world’s first fully AI-powered mechanical keyboard.

Play: ModelGPT - the world's first fully AI-powered mechanical keyboard

Forget about the cloud. Bring the full power of LLMs like Mistral, Grok, Claude and ChatGPT directly to your keyboard with ModelGPT.

April Fools (of course)

There is no “ModelGPT”. A bit of last-minute April Fools humour, it was conceived during an Easter lunch with friends as an AI-powered mechanical keyboard that generates the polarising ambience of an IBM Model M keyboard without the hassle of a real human typist.

Scripted on scraps of paper, filmed with semi-willing participants in a makeshift kitchen studio and edited into the early hours of the morning, the result is proof that not all “take a good thing and add AI” ideas are good ideas.

… But We Do Have Something Exciting Coming!

High-end custom keyboards are undeniably a nice market and yet at the same time a heavily saturated one. Any kind of genuine innovation in design is exceedingly rare, and the ‘scene’ remains dominated by a broken crowdfunding model largely characterised by unreliable vendors, high risk assumed by customers, production delays measured in years and often questionable final quality if anything is delivered at all.

We’re working on our hardware debut with something that is not AI-powered but that we think will be a breath of fresh air in the custom keyboard world - both in terms of the product itself and how we bring it to the market. Speaking as keyboard enthusiasts ourselves, it is something we’re very excited about.

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