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Thoughts on Pricing

As GrailForge is well into its second year of operation and looking at expanding, there’s one aspect of our operations that is long overdue for some attention. Pricing.

Speaking as a customer myself, if I’m evaluating a new product or service there are few things that so quickly turn me off as the lack of any kind of up-front pricing. If all I see is a prompt to “Contact us for a quote” - or worse still nothing at all - I’m out of there faster than a cat in a room full of cucumbers.

Speaking as a vendor, talking about pricing can be difficult. Sure, some would say it’s not hard at all. You just provide a number and you stick to it. We aren’t selling generic mass-produced widgets though, and it’s not so simple when trying to price a dynamic service with a wide range of interconnected variables.

On one hand, we want to value our offerings in a way that reflects the expertise we bring to the table. We never want to undersell ourselves or make overly optimistic offers that are unsustainable. At the same time, we also want to remain approachable to potential clients and provide the reassurance that we’re not trying to fleece them.

Yes, talking about pricing can be difficult, but it doesn’t excuse us from the responsibility for transparency and clarity. That’s why at last we have a pricing page.

While it would be impossible to give concrete numbers to cover all possible scenarios, we strive to at least provide a fair up-front indication of the ranges we operate in. Of course, you can always “contact us for a quote” to discuss your specific needs but you should never feel like you’re doing it totally in the dark.

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