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Training & Workshops

GrailForge offers specialized training workshops to bring you and/or your team up to speed with the latest technologies and best practices.

We work wherever you learn best - whether small intensive hands-on in-person workshops, presentations for conferences or virtual training for much larger audiences.

We are not mere 'armchair experts'. We only present material we have actual hands-on experience with. We have been there and know what it takes to deliver real results in the real world. Whatever the format of the training, we are genuinely passionate about sharing what we know to empower you and your team to achieve your own goals more effectively.

Just a few examples of the kind of workshops and training material our experts have produced in the past include:

  • Secure Authentication with Blazor WASM (C#, .Net, Blazor)
    Overcoming difficulties with securing projects where almost the entire application is running client-side
  • Frictionless Signups with OAuth (Elixir, Phoenix, OAuth, Ueberauth)
    How to provide the best possible user experience for your web site users, managing auth robustly, seamlessly integrating local auth with OAuth providers like Google and Twitter
  • AWS Lamba vs Azure Functions (C#, JavaScript, Azure, AWS)
    Demonstrating differences between the developer experience and functionality of each platform
  • Practical Test Driven Development (C#, .Net)
    Specifically seeking to address misunderstandings that often leave people thinking that 'writing tests is too hard'
  • Advanced Memory Management and Garbage Collection (C#, .Net Framework)
    Postmortem of work we did for a client demonstrating techniques and methodologies for identifying performance issues and how/when to optimise
  • Ethical Analytics
    Give your web site's visitors a better experience (e.g. no cookie banner nags) while capturing more meaningful data without all the noise

Content Ghostwriting

We do not always have to present the material we produce. We have 'ghost-written' training material for teams in highly regulated companies and government agencies where factors such as advanced security clearances inhibit direct delivery.

In other instances we have been contracted to produce specfic portions of a larger training course. In such instances we can of course work with any templates and branding guidelines to ensure consistency with the other material.

Whatever your reason for requiring content ghostwriting, all of our engagements are available with a comprehensive NDA to ensure your content remains yours and yours alone.

Innovation Workshops

Tap into the talent you already have and cultivate an environment primed for innovation. We help to get the best out of your team through activities such as carefully structured brainstorming sessions, creative thinking excercises and collaborative hackathons for nurturing unconventional thinking and inspiring cutting-edge solutions.